SMALL VEHICLE DRIVER (Commission or hourly paid)

July 10th, 1992 (REVISED November 18, 2009)


Purpose of Position:
To handle all assigned delivery orders from customers while fulfilling our mandated Federal and State operating authorities.

General Description:
Operator of small truck or van, assigned by management, within the metropolitan milwaukee area, other areas of wisconsin and nearby states making pickups and deliveries for customers of either on-demand or routed orders.

Essential Duties:
1.To be able to interact and get along with fellow employees, supervisors, customer representatives and members of the shipping and general public.
2. To be able to climb into and out of the vehicle, and to operate the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner in all types of weather and traffic.
3.To be able to lift and carry substantial distances and up/down stairs, deliveries of up to 50 pounds unassisted.
4. To perform other loading/unloading functions, including bending, twisting, pushing and pulling; and operating a hand-truck on multi-piece orders.
5. To operate a two-way radio telephone, or other communication devices presently in use.
6. To read and interpret city street and highway maps; and to handle all paperwork functions (i.e. logs, manifests, timesheets, bills, etc.)
7. To maintain vehicle in good operating and aesthetic condition; and to maintain a good personal appearance and image.

Non-Essential Duties:
1. To drive long distances (within DOT standards)
2. To load/unload freight within a customer’s premises (i.e. offices, mailrooms, etc.)
3. To perform public relations tasks with customer representatives.
4. To cover evening and weekend back-up duties.

1. Knowledge/Degree/License Requirements:
a. Possess valid Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) with hazardous materials endorsement; Pass DOT physical/drug test.
b. Insurable and bondable (good driving record; absence of relevant criminal activity).
c. Possess high school degree or equivalent.
d. Be 23 years of age.

2. Experience Requirements:
a. Be experienced in driving 24-foot box straight truck (or larger) or tractor-trailer unit if appropriate.
b. Have basic understand of vehicle mechanical systems and ability to diagnose basic malfunctions.

3. Skill Requirements:
a. Be able to read and write legibly.
b. Be able to understand and follow written and oral instructions, including all aspects of the Bonded Transportation Solutions Operations Manual.
c. To have a good working knowledge of city streets (receive an acceptable score on the standard Bonded Transportation Solutions Area Test).
d. To be able to read and understand city and highway maps.
e. To be able to operate pallet jacks and hand trucks.
f. To possess adequate inter-personal characteristics (get along well with people).
g. To be an organized thinker; to be able to prioritize tasks without supervisor assistance.

4. Physical Requirements:
a. To possess good vision, hearing, and reflexes.
b. To be able to perform all loading/unloading duties, and all other essential physical duties of the job.
5. Mental Requirements:
a. To be able to stay alert and courteous at all times.
b. To be able to think on your feet.
c. To be able to handle stressful situations, including the management of deadlines, poor driving by others, and heavy traffic environments.

6. Working/Environmental Conditions:
a. To be able to drive and function in all types of weather and traffic conditions.
b. To keep vehicle clean and in good repair; also to keep and project a good personal appearance and image.

7. Machines, Equipment, and Tools Used:
a. To be able to operate assigned vehicle.
b. To operate two-way radio telephone, or other communication devices assigned to the driver.
c. To handle a wheeled hand-cart and pallet jack.
d. To understand and use the Bonded Transportation Solutions Operations Manual.